About me

"Yoga is not about the asana, the posture or tying ourselves in knots. The goal is to untie the knots in our hearts. To unveil layers of protection to untangle the places where we were once stuck. Yoga is taking the time to step away from the outside world and to recognise that we have a soul that needs tending to." -e.h. 


Hello friends! 


I'm thrilled that you're here. My name is Salacia, 300hr Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher based in Gloucestershire, here to guide you through this beautiful practice of unity and connection, that is yoga. 

My heart felt intention is to hold a safe space with a light hearted, joyful approach in every class, in order for every individual to freely delve into the practice through expression and creativity. Sharing the potency of traditional and holistic teachings, my interest lies in enhancing our human experience through the beauty of what yoga has to offer.


I believe that when we show up as ourselves, with all the wonderful imperfections and human quirks, we are our most powerful. and creative. 

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