Lunar Series: Movement with the Moon

Have you always wanted to explore the natural cycles of the moon? 

Have you ever wondered how you can tap into that energy cycle in order to manifest your dreams and move your intentions forward?

Everything in nature is a cycle from growth to seasons to the sun and moon. The lunar cycle is very unique.  At each point of the lunar cycle, we experience a natural change in energy. Whether that’s up or down, or turning inwards or outwards.  It’s easy to ignore, however, and ‘brush off’, as it’s not always something we’re aware of!


So rather than ignoring that energy cycle, we are going to tap into it to help us manifest our dreams and intentions.  Just like when we set our intentions around the start of the new year, we will use the lunar cycles to set smaller, more achievable intentions to help keep us on track and move us forward towards our dreams. 

Using the moons natural rise and fall of energy and the four main phases of the moon, we can tap into this energy for ourselves - setting intentions, both small and incremental, taking action to move forward with specific plans, feeling gratitude for what has come to us along the way, and releasing all that holds us back from achieving our goals and living our dreams!

In this series we connect more deeply to the energy cycles of the moon, journal and plan what we want to accomplish and also let go of, become more aware of what might be holding us back, and use yoga, meditation, affirmations and journaling to make positive changes in our lives.

This is my offering to you: Beginning on February 5th through to April 5th,  there will be two classes a week on a Monday and a Friday morning at 10am. Classes will be 45 minutes or less so they can easily be integrated into your day. You'll receive an email after every practice with the same recorded class, guided meditations and journal prompts. These are yours to keep, to reuse as many times as you like. The course will consist of lifetime streaming access to:


Two Months of:

~ 18 Full length  Yoga practices for each moon cycle

~ 18 Playlists for each practice

~ 18 Guided Meditations/ Nidra Practices

~ 9 Journal prompt sheets
~ 9 Moon Phase Affirmations
~ 9 Moon Phase ritual suggestions



We will be exploring the main cycles:  New Moon, Waxing Moon, First and Last Quarter, Full Moon, and Waning Moon using yoga, meditation, and journaling.

Yoga provides an opportunity to heal the mind and body. By releasing tension, relieving stress, and allowing the mind and body to return to balance, we’ll explore our practice through Vinyasa and Restorative Yoga. These practices will give us the physical and emotional support we often crave in our daily lives. Meditation brings focus in a safe, non judgmental space - allowing us to let go of what holds us back and explore what we really want and need in our lives.

This series is designed for all levels from beginners to advanced yoga practitioners. With detailed instructions and intuitive sequencing, I will guide you through the practices offering variations and modifications for the poses. 


PAYMENT: Pay by Donation. (Suggested amount: £40 +)