Private classes

I am your guide. Your body is your greatest teacher. 

Private classes are perfect if you...

  • Have a busy schedule and find it difficult to come to a group class

  • Looking to overcome obstacles to joining group classes

  • Want to focus on a particular aspect of yoga such as healing through meditation, pranayama/ breathing or relaxation

  • Want to focus on a particular pose for a while such as handstand, arm balances or perfecting alignment


  • Want to deepen your practice dynamically with attention to detail

Whether you're a seasoned yogi, or just starting out, one- to- one guidance in yoga and meditation is a way to really make sure your individual needs are being met in your practice.


It's really common for some of us to feel overwhelmed in a group setting, especially if you're new to the practice and so that's why I'm here to offer an alternative. 


In a private class, we'll work towards the following: Improving your balance and flexibility, alleviating muscle pain, anxiety, depression, and stress as well as exploring all aspects of what comes up for you on your mat. I will listen and customise your experience tailored to your specific needs and goals. 

Interested in private classes? 
Contact me to arrange a chat!