Truly Scrumptious

By Salacia

Vegan Cakes for any Occasion

Homemade with love for birthdays, anniversaries, dinner parties, or a pick- me- up on a rainy day! These cakes and treats are personalised and packaged with care- indulge in these cruelty free treats that serve you and your body well.








Welcome to Truly Scrumptious- homemade treats for collection in Nailsworth and surrounding areas in Gloucestershire.


I believe it should be easy to find Vegan treats that not only taste good, but serve you and your body well. After tinkering with recipe after recipe and chomping my way through more treats than I'd like to admit - I came up with something my family and I couldn't stop eating. I couldn't help but want to share them with you all! 

Just because they're vegan doesn't mean you should settle for a dry or stodgy cake or cookie! Don't be fooled either- these are Refined Sugar Free but that does not mean they're not sweet! Coconut Sugar and Maple Syrup offers a decadent and moorish sweetness to cakes and a syrupy caramel flavour to cookies and brownies. 

I am committed to all ingredients being 100% Organic and Fair trade. Packaging is 100% Recycled and it's all Handmade with Love. By supporting Vegan businesses you are helping in the reduction of animal cruelty around the world. Every time you purchase something from a Vegan business you are voting, making an ethical choice to be a part of a planet that is clean, healthy and sustainable. Your future really is, in your hands.

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Keep Refrigerated and consume within one week. Contains NUTS. Made in a Kitchen containing traces of GLUTEN.